• Monterey Bay Interior & Exterior Paint Finishing

      Your home is your haven and you deserve to be surrounded by beauty that enlivens and soothes your senses. Over the last 35 years, I have made it my  job to ensure that you love everything about your home and that it tastefully showcases your style and aesthetics. 

      My approach is different so that I stand out as the best source for painting and finishing services in the region. I am dedicated to providing  the best services possible, then returning as often as needed to maintain your investment.

      With regular upkeep, you won't incur unnecessary costs constantly redoing paintwork. You’ll get much more longevity out of your existing work  – all for a much lower cost than a total repaint would be.

      I  handle all types of projects, and none are too large or small. Over the years, I've honed my skills and can take care of virtually any type of paint or finishing project, including new jobs,  remodeling/repainting, or maintenance of your current work. My range of services include:

    • Interior Finishing

      Interior Finishing

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    • Exterior Finishing

      Exterior Finishing

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    • Licensed Spray Facility

      Licensed Spray Facility

    • Quality Materials

      Quality Materials

    • can handle projects inside your home or in my fully licensed spray facility. For custom work, I'm ready to bring you the kind of results that you desire and have proudly served the Monterey Bay, Carmel, Pebble Beach, and surrounding areas for decades. 

      I am committed to maintaining my legacy for excellence.  I use the newest tools and the highest quality materials available to ensure that your project is finished quickly, looks amazing, and will stand the test of time.