• Faux glazing allows for much more artistry, creativity, and beauty to shine through in every project completed using this technique.

      Faux glazing involves  the use of a glaze – a liquid medium that is translucent – to create faux finishes. The glaze is mixed with paint, and once added, the overall drying time of the paint is delayed. This allows the painter to have extra time to manipulate the finish in various ways. For example, using faux glazing allows for various designs such as:

      • Old World Parchment
      • Faux Brick
      • Metallic
      • Geometric Designs
      • Sponged 
      • And more

      Each texture or faux finish can add something extra to your room, elevating it even further than basic painting can ever hope to achieve. It's well worth considering when you want to really enhance your home in a big way. 

    • Faux Glazing

      These techniques take years to truly master. If you’re thinking of applying them to your home, you need to ensure that you trust in the professional you hire.  I use the highest quality materials and techniques, mastered over years to bring consistent, high quality results to your project.

      Contact me today to set up a consultation and estimate visit. I'll  review your situation, your desires and your goals and together we'll get started on the path to making your dreams a reality.