• Finishing Materials

      The quality of the materials used in a project has a big impact on your finished product.  Quality matters in a big way and if you’re seeking the best results from your  finishing project, you will need to blend quality finishing products with expert finishing skills.

      I only use the highest quality finishing materials available on the market today and have mastered finishing techniques to provide you with a wide range of benefits including:

      • Brighter, more vibrant colors
      • More variety in final appearances 
      • Longer lifespan of finishes
      • Mold resistance

      My expert knowledge offers you more choices.  Some finishing materials make it easier to apply various textures or sheens while others offer additional colors that aren’t available in lower quality paints and finishes.

      Above all else, longevity matters. The initial  cost may be a few dollars more yet your finish will last longer. 

      I've been providing Monterey Bay, Pebble Beach, Big Sur, and the surrounding areas with excellent finishing projects for more than 35 years.   I utilize the latest tools, techniques, and quality finishing materials to positively impact your project dramatically, then provide maintenance so your project stays brilliantly beautiful for years to come.