• Wood Finishing

      Adding the finishing touches to a home, structure or furniture,  often involves applying the right paint or stain. When it comes to wood, the process of finishing can be much more complex than many realize – and also offers the opportunity for true skill and artistry to shine through. 

      Wood has a natural beauty within the grains, a natural design that can’t be replicated. The best wood finishers will accentuate it as best they can to enhance any project.

      I've been doing just that for more than three decades, bringing creativity and artistry to every wood finishing project. No job is too large or small.

    • There are different types of wood finishing projects, each with their own challenges. Finishing furniture, for example, is far different from applying stain to the exterior walls of a home or interior cabinets. Each job takes on a life of its own, and it’s important that you are able to trust that your finishing professional understands the job's unique needs as well as understanding what you want to achieve from the project. 

      By taking your overall goals and vision into account, I deliver exactly what you want and ensure maximum satisfaction in every project. 

      Beyond the initial completion of a project is the upkeep. I offer a full range of maintenance services.  I will keep your wood finish looking incredible for years after it’s completed, ensuring that your investment gives you decades of beauty to enjoy.

      No matter what kind of wood finishing project, I will help you reach your goals. Contact me today to set up an appointment for an estimate and to learn more about how I'll bring your wood finishing project to life for you.